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At Parent Participation Preschool a developmental curriculum is followed. The philosophy of the developmental approach emphasizes that children learn and acquire knowledge through different teaching techniques and methods, also at their own pace.

As proven by Neuroscience, children learn through the experiences they live. Learning involves the entire body and all of the senses. Therefore, we give special importance to multisensory activities that allow children to experience learning and construct their knowledge.

For this reason we have integrated in our curriculum innovative programs like “Handwriting Without Tears” which presents multisensory, developmentally appropriate strategies to teach handwriting. Children develop fine motor and creative expression skills, as well as, learning to recognize and write letters through body movement, music and sensory exploration.

PPP’s Curriculum has a set of goals and objectives for each program, stressing the areas of:

Socio-Emotional Development


  • Experience sense of self esteem
  • Exhibit a positive attitude
  • Demonstrate cooperation, pro-social behavior

Physical Development

  • Enhance gross motor skills
  • Enhance and refine fine motor skills

Cognitive Development

  • Acquire Learning and problem solving skills
  • Expand Logical-thinking
  • Expand Verbal Communication
  • Acquire Pre-Reading skills
  • Acquire Pre-Writing skills

Thematic Units

  • The curriculum is presented through thematic units. It also integrates Music, Physical Education, and Computer.

The curriculum is presented through the development of monthly thematic units, integrating music, physical education and computers.

Daily Routine

Our rotating schedule includes the following activities:

  • Free Play
  • Circle Time
  • Physical Education
  • Snack
  • Music
  • Computer
  • Eco-Art
  • Story Time / Stations
  • Learning Centers
  • Sensory Stimulation Activities